About UniChat

"We need a platform like this, there wasn't one.

So we made one."

UniChat envisions for young Malaysians to be more than just “book smart” individuals. Hence, UniChat initiated a student platform for students to meet and approach other students just by clicking a ‘Discover’ button. Individuals who are geographically close-by with similar interests would be paired up automatically, allowing them to start interacting instantly!


Students arranging for meet-ups could not have had it any easier - the app allows students to match and sync timetables, showing available time slots in a jiffy!

By the same token, one of the key features of this app acts as a channel for which students could spend less on food. Students would be able to dine at partnered restaurants with discounted rates. UniChat is an app dedicated to bringing accessibility and opportunities of students to greater heights, creating a structure more welcoming and captivating!

UniChat is an app that solves young Malaysians’ problem by assisting and empowering them by our tech. UniChat brags many features such as UniDiscover, UniTime and UniEat which helps make students’ life easier.

UniChat, where uni life begins.

Hung Ngiap, Foo

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Co-Founder | CEO of UniChat

Electrical Engineering Student
University of Malaya

Jo Yi, Tan

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Co-Founder | COO of UniChat

Computer Science Student

University of Malaya

Dao Xiang, Lam

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Foo Soon, Tham

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Co-Founder | CMO of UniChat

Ennovation Digital Marketing

University of Malaya

Co-Founder | CFO of UniChat

Finance Student

University of Malaya