Challenge yourself with UniChat's bucket list: 10 Things You Must Do as a Uni Student (Part 1)

1. Go for a midnight activityGo for karaoke, movie and supper with friends! As a University student, we rarely sleep early, why not just go for midnight karaoke, movie or supper?

2. Make it to a 8am lecture after a night out!

After all the midnight activities, you will probably end up falling asleep in the back row, but with the large amount of tuition fees, there's no way you are missing one single minute of those precious contact hours.

3. Go on a day trip!

When you're in the uni bubble it's easy to forget that there's a whole world around you. Grab your friends on weekend and head on a day trip by bus or train. Whether you go to cafe hopping, Theme Park or a state nearby, getting away from your daily routine and taking a break from uni life is essential.

4. Go on a date!

Even though we, Uni students are always limited by money or time, it does not hinder us from dating. It sometimes can be fun too.

Here are some ideas to hook up with your potential partner.

  • Do something that both of you enjoy doing. If both of you like outdoor, don't be afraid to incorporate that into a date. You can go for a hike, volunteer somewhere, or join the same society.

  • Do something new to both of you. Never taken a cooking class? A kayaking class? Sign up for a local class that offers a one-time session for an hour or two. Only RM2 to rent a kayak in University of Malaya. You'll have fun, learn something new, and definitely have something to laugh about later.

  • Go for a classic at a not-so-classic place. Heading out for a nice dinner is a timeless date idea, but paying for a scrumptious meal often isn't in a college student's budget. Instead, mix it up by heading to a hole-in-the-wall place or even to a place that serves cuisine that is new for both of you. Perhaps you can prepare a meal for you and your partner. You'll have fun while exploring something new together.

5. Prank your housemate/roommate!

As a student, you're basically in the prime of your prank-ing life, you're living with your best mates, and never again will you get such an opportunity to wind them up, night and day! If you pull off some brilliant pranks, they're bound to create some of your funniest uni memories - just remember to keep it safe.

  • "Aluba" your male friends during their birthday. (you must be a guy)

  • Mess with their social media

  • Try the classic wrapping paper prank

  • Cook some nasty food or drink for them

Oh yeah, and if you have time( "if" is just to sound nice), try to remember to graduate on time.

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