UniChat Dare Challenge

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

“UniChat Dare” is a contest organized by the UniChat team with the aim of uniting students from different backgrounds and universities through UniChat for a secret date on December 2017. The contest is scheduled to start on 11th November 2017 until 11th December 2017. The 11th of November resembles singles awareness day. In conjunction with this highly anticipated day, we hope that this competition will help the students to find their potential future partner.

The idea of the contest is simple. Students who participate in “UniChat dare” will need to screenshot the best conversation between themselves and another student they met on the UniChat app, and post the screenshot on Facebook. In order to qualify, participants will need to acquire at least 200 likes and 15 shares within the contest period.

Participants that exceed number of likes and shares at the end of the contest period will be considered winners, which shall win themselves a free dinner for two. UniChat hopes to play the matchmaker by linking single students together through the features of our mobile app, and we hope to offer students the opportunity of a free dinner date to celebrate the start of new friendships and relationships.

UniChat wants to dare you to get out of your comfort zone and ask someone out! Best of all, we're going to arrange everything and pay for you and your partner's transport and dinner!

The Winners!


1. Thanks UniChat for the treat and arrangements 2. Thanks Don Kaiten Japanese Restaurant for the wonderful meal 3. It is rare to meet up with this famous, successful and busy lady 4. I can't believe we are actually having dinner together 5. She can't use chopsticks correctly but still manage to get food 6. She promised to hire me as her personal assistant after she became a minister 7. She is prettier in person and make me feel nervous 8. Login UniChat for more interesting stories ".

Said Yi Ting, one of the winner.

Congratulations to all 10 pairs who won the UniChat Dare challenge. It was a fun challenge and we promise to make a better version of UniChat Dare in the upcoming year.